Ep 9 - POTS: How I manage and thrive with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome

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Christina is sharing things that she has specifically found to be critical in managing her condition of POTS syndrome, in order to move out of survival mode from when she was first diagnosed, to her current day to day experience of living a thriving (though still challenged) life with POTS. She shares in depth about her experience in the past, present, and critical turning points throughout decades of testing, study, specialists, dietary shift, supplementation, and total medical burnout. 

We hope this episode is helpful whether you live with POTS or another chronic illness, or perhaps just want to understand how to better support your own complex body in moving towards greater thriving.

*This is not medical advice. This conversation is based on our education and personal experience. 

Apply the content in your own life:

Is there anything in your physical body that you’ve given up on? What would it look like to get curious and proactive about the possibility of moving into greater flourishing in places where you once felt all hope was lost?

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