Ep 8 - What kind of rest are you truly needing? (The 7 Types of Rest)

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We all experience a need for rest daily. Not just sleep, but deep lasting rejuvenation that leaves you feeling like your best self rather than a burned out, run down version. In this episode, we’re talking all about REST. Not just sleep. Not just avoiding work. Not just a week of Netflix. But true, restorative, life-giving rest that empowers you to embrace life to the fullest as your best self.

We’re talking about the 7 different types of rest. 
How can you identify which you’re needing?
What’s the difference between “true rest” and “fake rest?” 
What’s at stake if we avoid it?
Practical ways for creating rhythms of rest. 

And as usual, we end the episode with our whimsy and delight segment! So stick around to hear our favorite products, foods, Beckett’s first encounter with spicy food, and Stephen’s knowledge drop about dopamine and sriracha sauce. See you under the Willow Tree! 

Apply the content in your own life:

Which of the 7 types of rest do you need most this week? How can you move towards that?




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