Ep 7 - Nourishing For Health, Ease, And Enjoyment

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We believe nourishment can be a space of ease, enjoyment, healing, vitality, balance, and gratitude. It can be a sustainable rhythm of caring for our bodies through a lifetime, rather than quick fixes, crash diets, and trendy cleanses. 

Wellness through food is not just a week’s dietary endeavor. It impacts us mentally, physically, emotionally, and relationally. In our culture full of trends, ideals, and information overload, nourishment can feel confusing, overwhelming, and sometimes stressful. So this week we’re diving into some mindset shifts and tips that may be helpful in finding ease while truly caring for your physical body as well. 

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or in a space of uneasiness with nourishment due to thought patterns, physical complications, or information fatigue, this episode is for you. This is such a tender and complex topic so we hope this conversation brings some helpful mindset shifts as we all participate in the gift of nourishing our bodies through a lifetime. 

Apply the content in your own life:

  • What words would you use to describe your current relationship with food? What do you WANT your relationship with food to be like?

  • What is one shift practically or in your mindset that can help you move more towards a space of ease and vitality with nourishment? 



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