Ep 4 - Grand Canyon Part 2: Overcoming Obstacles & Shedding What Holds You Back

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Catch up on the last episode to hear the back story in part 1! In this episode, Stephen shares about his hike through the Grand Canyon. Logistics (eating, sleeping, etc), emotional and mental impact, and what he shed and gained through the experience. Christina shares something she’s working to overcome in her own life as well.

Maybe you can relate to obstacles that feel bigger than you? Join us in the conversation as we explore what it looks like to move into greater wholeness despite what’s holding you back.


Apply the content in your own life:

“I can do so much more than I thought I could do.”

“Small steps can lead to massive transformation.”

“The impossible is possible. Even if not right now.”

“We can live a really whole life, even with broken pieces.”

Ask Yourself:

  • What can I pause and celebrate today that I’ve accomplished? Big or small.
  • Is there something holding me back from a transformation that I desire?
  • Is there a mindset that is holding me back?
  • What’s one step I can take to overcome my obstacle?






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