Ep 33 - What if you don't have a "calling"?

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What do you want to be when you grow up? What's your calling, purpose, life work... Society really hits hard with this question starting at a young age all through adulthood. It can bring feelings of shame, anxiety, and confusion if you don't feel like you have an "acceptable" answer as you age. So today we're talking about our experience with never feeling like we "landed" in the way that we once thought we needed to, and how perhaps purpose is a daily posture, not a roadmap up the ladder. We also share the very random jobs we've had in our life so far...and there's quite a few! See you under the Willow Tree!

Apply the content in your own life:

Is there a path, hobby, or job that you’re curious about trying? Can you dip your toes in for the sake of the journey and not the outcome?

Talk about following your curiosity
Blueberry sage tea from Yogi
Sink strainer
Wonder Oven: 6 in 1 air fryer toaster oven (we have the color "steam")
Normalyte hydration (Christina is using the "pure" version)

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