Ep 22 - Waffle pants, pie, and recapping 2023 of The Willow Tree Online

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It's the last episode of 2023! In typical authentic fashion, we're coming to you with a sick co-host who has a very compromised voice haha! But we're still gathered round the table with you, sharing a recap of topics we've discussed, and as always a few of our favorite things lately. It's been one of our greatest joys of 2023 to get to sit under The Willow Tree with you. Thank you for continuing to be a part of our little corner of the podcasting world as we journey together. See you in the new year friends!

Apply the content in your own life:
Was there an episode or topic that particularly stood out to you? 
Which topic might you want to explore and cultivate deeper in your own life in the new year? 


Waffle pants
Swedish spinning candle
Chocolate cream pie recipe (we often make it with just a store bought pie crust and top it with chopped chocolate chips instead of the whip cream, to make it even more easy :)
Stephen's slippers

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