Ep 13 - Moving from clutter to calm

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We love a good de-clutter, you too? This week we're talking all about the clutter that builds up in our belongings, mind, and lifestyle, why it can become toxic, and how to address it in a way that leads towards more calm and greater alignment with what we value most in life.  

We talk about how to recognize when you may need to pause and assess what areas of your life may be a bit out of sorts, and simple practical first steps to begin the process of decluttering your belongings, mental load, and lifestyle. And as always, we share about what this process looks like in our own lives as we grow right alongside you and move towards greater thriving together. 

Apply the content in your own life:
What is one small thing you can declutter this week? Write it down or set a time on your calendar, and tackle it! Maybe it's a closet, your scheduling calendar, a kitchen cupboard, a list of worries that are cycling constantly through your mind....whatever it is, it's the first step towards making more space to what truly makes you thrive!


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