Ep 10 - Feeling stuck: What if life isn't how you hoped right now?

Willow Tree Online Podcast Art

As we're half way through the year, we want to pause and check in with the spaces in life that might not be what we'd hoped for. We've noticed a common theme when talking with friends, clients, each other...that there is a collective grief in facing hard things whether it be in vocation, health, relationships, desires, etc and feeling stuck in  circumstances. We're exploring what it looks like to move within these spaces and not grow stagnant or let them overcome us, while also moving through them by taking steps forward to keep writing the story we desire for our life. We hope you feel solidarity, honored, and encouraged as we navigate how to live a really full life despite the pieces that feel broken. 

Apply the content in your own life:

Where do you feel grief or disappointment in your circumstances?

  • Is there a new story you want to start writing? 

  • What is a small courageous step you can take today to abide within this space well?

  • What does it look like to take the next step in moving further into the story you want to create?



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