Ep 1 - Lessons from 2022: Grit and Compassion

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In Episode 1 we’re recapping some big events that wrapped up the past year, as well as reflecting on significant lessons we learned in 2022.

Stephen shares about his journey moving through a mental health crash and what he learned from it.

Christina shares how compassion took on a whole new meaning last year in a way that was really transformative to her perspective. 

We’ve also included some fun “segments” that will be in every podcast:

  • 3 highlights of our day

  • Whimsy and Delight: Things we’ve been enjoying lately

We’re so grateful to continue to journey with you towards greater wholeness in health, heart, and home.

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Carrie Kelleher

So glad to hear your voices and get an update!  Looking forward to all the exciting things to come!

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